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“In times of stress and lack of relief,

Of overthinking and lack of sleep,

When things don’t flow organically,

When I feel too much and can’t express outwardly,

When the walls keep closing in on me,

When the past does haunt and what’s forward stares back grimly,

I find my way back by looking up high,

By seeing the stars, and how bright they shine,

By seeing the moon and how it remains still,

Things are fine, I’m reminded, when i try not to take the place of time,

I am a human, one of one,

A man of mankind,

I must reset and I must settle myself down,

I must relax and catch my breath,

Because as time goes forward,

And I lose track of what’s meant for me,

I will have grown old and lost my race against time.”

Tranquility, Antoine Manning, 2021

If life is too much, if things seem out of control,

If you need peace, this manifestation bag is for you.

Our HOMAGE OVA Mini Manifestation Bag is constructed completely with vegan leather.



  • Compact enough to hold all essential items

  • External features include: untraditional shape and curved handle, with one external pocket

  • Internal features include: silk lining, one slip in pocket, and one zip pocket

  • Comes with detachable strap that allows it to be worn as a cross body or shoulder bag

  • Outside: H: 8” L: 8” W: 3”

  • Pocket: H: 3.2” L: 7” W: 1”

  • Inside: H: 5” L: 8” W: 2”