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“Inside my sight,
There are dreams that do behold themselves unto me,
Cities with lights,
Inhabitants full of their own shine,
But Theirs don’t diminish mine,
Within this young body and aged mind
I’ve been blessed with the key of insight,
With the key to help others unlock the things that otherwise would take too much time,
Blessed that with my youthful bliss,
I can be useful to others to almost act as a guide..”

Intuition, Antoine Manning, 2021

This bag is for those who need extra help trusting that deep intuitive feeling that we all have, but tend to ignore. That nudge that says that job or those friends aren’t truly for you, that nudge that pushes you to do something you ordinarily wouldn’t move to do, but it benefits you in the end. For those interested in manifesting that intuitive trust for themselves, the wait is over. Get what is meant for you. 

Our HOMAGE OVA Manifestation Bag is constructed completely with vegan leather.

This bag is compact enough to hold all essential items. External features include an untraditional shape and curved handle, with two external pockets. Internal features include silk lining and one slip-in pocket and one zip pocket. The bag comes with an adjustable detachable strap that allows it to be worn as a cross body or shoulder bag.


H: 12” L: 11.5” W: 4”

Left Pocket

H: 4” L: 7” W: 1”

Right Pocket

H: 3.7” L: 4” W: 1”


H: 6” L: 11.5” W: 3”