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“Deep rooted in the lineage of the family trees,

Wasted by nothing, not even by self,

Including all and excluding practically none,

None but the ones who lack love for everyone but themselves,

None but the ones who stand above and leave no room for the rest,

In our world, there’s no rest for the wicked,

There only exists rest for the ones who are weak, for the ones who love harder than the ones before,

For the ones who believe in humanity, and in turn believe in you just as much as they believe in me,

Such love.”

Abundance, Antoine Manning 2021 

This bag is for those who intend to bring an abundance of the good things we desire the most but lack the words to describe. For those interested in manifesting abundance for whatever you may endure, this one is for you. 

Our HOMAGE OVA Manifestation Bag is constructed completely with vegan leather.

This bag is compact enough to hold all essential items. External features include an untraditional shape and curved handle, with two external pockets. Internal features include silk lining and one slip-in pocket and one zip pocket. The bag comes with an adjustable detachable strap that allows it to be worn as a cross body or shoulder bag.


H: 12” L: 11.5” W: 4”

Left Pocket

H: 4” L: 7” W: 1”

Right Pocket

H: 3.7” L: 4” W: 1”


H: 6” L: 11.5” W: 3”